Incredible beers can be found all over the world, and these are 2018's best. Behind every amazing stout, pilsner, doppelbock, lager, and pale ale, … ... which is easy as it’s one of the best cities for cycling in Europe. Tags: Beer Europe France Italy #Beer Like wine in Italy, tequila in México, and vodka in Russia, beer is an integral part of the culture and heritage in many European cities. Though the whole country isn't in Europe, if you're on a sidewalk café in Istanbul, you're likely to have this pilsner-style beer in hand. And you don't have to go to the best cities for beer lovers in America to find them either. The 12 Best Selling Beer in Europe offer an impeccable amalgamation of refined taste, flavor, and aroma, allowing for imbibers to experience a perfect time with family and friends. A beer in Budapest costs a purse-friendly £1.40, six times cheaper than in Reykjavik, home to the most expensive pint at £8.56. The 5 cheapest beers in Europe Budapest – £1.40 And while we love the healthiest beers you can drink, nothing beats a really high-quality craft brew. It also does great pulled pork tapas to go with probably the best beer in Barcelona! Thu 13 Sep 2018 01.30 EDT.