4 For example, public spending is authorised by Parliament and routinely stays within the limits set. A ce jour, le plus haut niveau d’éthique certifié pour un produit et pour le fonctionnement d’une organisation, est celui conféré par la norme SA 8000 conçue par S.A.I. Cette norme est la référence en matière de responsabilité sociale des entreprises. Accountability is a serious matter with major implications for accounting practitioners. For example, a firm that outsources manufacturing is still responsible for partners that mistreat people or damage the environment. 9) L’obligation de rendre compte (accountability) : C’est la responsabilité devant le supérieur hiérarchique et devant les citoyens et les instances nationales de contrôle. Take time to sit down with all stakeholders, particularly human resources personnel and workplace ethics experts, and create a Code of Ethics for your organization. They define what’s right and wrong, and outline the kind of behavior that businesses should not engage in. 12 Business Ethics Examples. the best in the world. Those performing other duties are also ultimately responsible for their output. / Social Accountability International. L’agent public doit rendre compte de l’utilisation des moyens (pouvoirs, ressources) mis à sa disposition pour … In their simplest form, ethics are the moral standards you rely on when you make a decision. The accountability that surrounds this – provided through oversight by the Treasury, audit by the National Audit Office and scrutiny by the Public Accounts Committee – is strong and dates back to the 19th century. For example, a group leader should take responsibility for the performance of the group as well as the decisions that he takes on behalf of the groups. Accountability Accountability is the principle that you still have to answer for results if you delegate or outsource a responsibly. An auditor reviewing a company’s financial statement, for example, is responsible and legally liable for any misstatements or instances of fraud. Content Marketing Team Lead at Udemy for Business . Within organizations, accountability is usually considered as one of the ethics of employees. In any organisation, accountability is founded on trust, and that’s where the ethical nature of accountability kicks in. For example, the two elements of accountability can be seen in a case where an accountor delegates the power to the accountee, but it is the accountor who takes responsibility and goes the extra mile to put measures in place to prevent future reoccurrence of a mistake. Keep them simple and use basic language. Jennifer Juo. Share this article . Run these codes and policies by the organization’s attorney and make sure they’re sound.