As a goddess of the Underworld, Cerridwen is often symbolized by a white sow, which represents both her fecundity and fertility and her strength as a mother. The moon is a great hunter, and Igaluk - God of the Moon. Many thanks for the great blog you’ve created. Lazarus Lupin Its like you learn my thoughts! I must return one day to see the changes they have made. Part of his job was to perpetually observe the world above and inform Sedna of any breaches of taboo. We truly dearly loved examining this blog. You got more than other sights do about these gods. Thank-you for being such a diverse lore blogger!!!!!! If you're doing a moon-related ritual, in some traditions of Wicca and Paganism you may choose to call upon one of these deities for assistance. This association with the vagina is how the moon god first attained his reincarnation duties, since the vagina is the portal through which animal life enters the world. the sky by her brother Aningan, the moon. Igaluk - God of the Moon. What have you done with this place to make it so amazing?! Your enthusiastic take on the subject is absolutely contagious. Almost like monsters. This site looks better and better every time I visit it. Greg. IVery well written and informative! Thank you for bringing the myths of these people to greater light! Anguta carries the dead down to the underworld, If someone suffering from disease was appealing to Sila to heal them they would need to abandon all their earthly possessions and go off in solitude. Goddess of the sea and the creatures of the sea. Black faced with a huge nose. Well, there are still plenty more Inuit gods coming when I put their page up in the near future. She was the daughter of the god and goddess Anguta and Isarrataitsoq and, like countless female figures in Inuit myths, she refused all prospective husbands. Thanks! a very lengthy time. Thanks. ur a genius at making these myths and gods interesting! Can anyone else help out on this topic? Alternative names: Igaluk, Gender: Male Consider donating a few pennies to the Godchecker Temple Roof Fund. The moon god Tatqim was the one who would take the souls to be reincarnated down to Earth for Tapasuma every month. Below is an incomplete list of Inuit deities believed to hold power over some specific part of the Inuit world: The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Did you ever witness any of the Bladder Festivals or the big Sedna festival in Autumn, when everybody starts hunkering down with supplies that they hope will last the winter? Diana was honored by the Romans as a goddess of the moon. A one-eyed giant. NUNAM – The Earth goddess of the Inuit pantheon, in some traditions considered the wife of the god Sila. A beautiful young maiden carrying a torch who is chased through Thank you. You realize thus considerably relating to this subject, made me personally consider it from a lot of varied angles. A popular myth about Kinak involves an Inuit woman named Taku. I was looking for that, but just got captured by the amazing stories…. very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it. I also had the privilege of spending a weekend out at Marble Island a great spiritual place for the Kivalliq folks. Bookmarked! Unga was also called Ungaq and was depicted as a  young child sometimes female but most often male, who frequently cries and, before their ascension to divine status may have been a human child stolen away by Amajorsuk,  the goddess of miscarriages and stillborn babies and who was often described as carrying off Inuit children in her amaut. where they must sleep with him for a year. TARQEQ – a moon god cutting out vaginas. The soccer balls they used were said to be the heads of disobedient children who were inclined to wander off and would be pulled up by the spirits of the dead. What web host are you using? The tale of the moon god’s creation of vaginas and anuses goes as follows: long ago animals did not have either orifice, so the disemboweling goddess Ululijarnaq used to take her ulo knife and carve babies and waste matter out of people’s insides as needed.