A 2017 study sponsored by Medifast found that more than 70% of overweight adults who were put on Medifast and received one-on-one behavioral support lost more than 5% of their body weight by their final visit (anywhere from four to 24 weeks later). OPTAVIA recommends 30 minutes most days of a moderate-intensity exercise you enjoy and can easily incorporate, like walking. These are called Lean and Green meals, and Optavia or Medifast provides you with the tools you’ll need to know what it takes to make a delicious and healthy lean and green meal on your own. You can also access a slew of informational guides and FAQs online for free. If you decide to sign on with OPTAVIA, it’s important to note that the program is about much more than just a number on the scale – it’s about improving your overall health, and teaching you how to keep healthy habits for life. To help do this, your coach is there to point you in the right direction. As OPTAVIA comes from the awesome folks at Medifast, you can also order the meals and snacks from the Medifast website as well. PRICE: Get Started for Around $350 per Month (Includes Meals & Coaching) Just Want The Medifast Diet Food? Optavia Diet ranked #27 in Best Diets Overall. See full Medifast menu and prices here. DietDynamo.org is a professional research and review team, and on our website you may find affiliate links for which we could be compensated for by clicking on them. Each order is packed full of bars, shakes, and smoothies. Connecting with a coach is the first step in starting your OPTAVIA journey, so if you decide the program is what you’ve been looking for, they have a quick and simple form for finding a coach in your area. Losing weight and getting control over your health can feel almost impossible at times, which is why so people look for programs and diets that show them exactly what they need to do to lose weight. In the 2010 Nutrition Journal study, researchers reported no significant differences in satiety between Medifast and other dieters in either post-meal or general fullness. The 3&3 Plan is made for people who have reached their optimal weight and want to maintain their current level of health. This means we may get a commission when purchases are made after clicking some of the links on our website. On top of that, the Optavia meals are specially designed to help you lose weight in a way that’s been proven to be both safe and effective. Find the Diet to Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals. Whole grains: whole grain bread, high fiber breakfast cereal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta. OPATIVA is a diet and health program that comes from the folks at Medifast. #15. in Best Weight-Loss Diets (tie) #24. in Best Heart-Healthy Diets (tie) #20. in Best Diabetes Diets (tie) You can choose from among more than 50 options including shakes, bars, soups, biscuits and pudding, all of which include high-quality protein and a probiotic the brand says supports digestive health. OPTAVIA suggests making your meal out be your Lean & Green meal for the day. Not knowing why I was eating or couldn’t lose weight was what kept me in the endless cycle…The great news is there’s no end date on the Habits of Health™. However, don’t go overboard, or you’ll run out of energy. These figures come with a few asterisks, however. A small study, funded and designed by Medifast and published in 2010 in Nutrition Journal, randomly assigned 90 obese adults either to the 5 & 1 plan or a calorie-restricted diet based on government guidelines. You also won't lose loads of muscle because you'll be eating lots of protein, fiber and key nutrients while consuming very few calories – typically 800 to 1,000 for adults. Disclaimer and a note about your health ». However, the 2019 Obesity and Science and Practice study had a higher completion rate with 92% of all participants finishing the four-month study. Either way, visit the official Medifast website, or connect with an OPTAVIA coach to start your weight loss journey today. They have a focus on helping you learn the habits necessary to improve your health, and keep the weight off for life, which is good news for those of us who are looking for something that is more than just another fad diet. But you get to eat every couple of hours and don't have to track much of anything – there's no counting carbs, points or calories. But a company representative says Fuelings are developed by a panel of food scientists and dietitians, and put through a taste panel that incorporates consumer feedback. At week 40, the Medifast group had less body fat and more muscle mass than at the start, but didn't significantly outperform the control group. Most dieters follow the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan, which includes five Fuelings a day. When you sign up with Optavia or Medifast, they’re going to send you most of the meals and snacks that you need for the month right to your door. Photo credit: Getty Images. How much does the Optavia Diet cost? OPTAVIA is a brand-new take on their super successful Take Shape for Life program, and it is designed to help take the steps necessary to make a “Lifelong Transformation.”. Just empowering encouragement. contain more than the government’s recommendation that between 10 to 35 percent of daily calories come from protein. To do this simply work your way through their online form. There are a bunch of different benefits when it comes to the Optavia diet plan, including: Results are going to vary for everyone, but if you follow the Optavia diet plan, and work closely with your coach, you can expect to lose weight in a way they say is both safe and healthy.