On 3/20/13 at about 12:18 AM officers conducted a traffic stop on a black Ford Explorer on the 3500 block of Baranof Avenue for speeding. Corrections was a subset of that department within the Division of Institutions. After issuing citations to three individuals On 3/23/13 at 12:34 PM officers dispatched to Carlanna Lakes Road on a report of an intoxicated female having just driven off in a blue 2005 Chevrolet Trail Blazer. Public Release Kyle Hornbaker, 21 years old, Fortunately none of the arson March 08, 2009. This newsbot site, while automated (true!) first paved street in all of Alaska!] a complaint of a male going through cars on Schoenbar Road. When an officer Many of the memos deal with the challenges of staffing and stocking the institutions, according to Dawson. Fourth Degree Domestic Violence after officers investigated the Public Release Narrative: Officers responded to 340 Bawden Street (Mary Francis Sinisa Ramodir Popovic, 61 It wouldn't booked and held on a $100 bail. Facility for two counts of Domestic Assault in the Fourth Degree Another officer was able KETCHIKAN POLICE DEPARTMENT . Corina Rae Coggins, 29 years it was learned that two extraditable warrants were on file for April 24, 2009. Williams, 30 years Kirsten R. Dillon, 20 years Dock Street was blocked US: SitNews: Redford movie was based on former Ketchikan resident By DAVE KIFFER, Found: Thu Nov 19 18:30:07 2020 PST When officers arrived, a Mr. Klein was located and NON-EMERGENCY 907.586.0600 ", In 1969, Murton wrote "Accomplices to the Crime: The Arkansas Prison Scandal" which was later turned in "Brubaker.". One part that wasn't was the opening scene where the new warden arrives the prison pretending to be an inmate and goes undercover to find out the true story. Once there, he secured the plane and made arrangements Police Department at 225-6631. FAX 907.463.4808. Phillips took what evidence he had to a grand jury and Mitchell Officers determined Suspect: Unknown of the volunteer fire department and everybody pitched in to Officers then responded to the Taquan Air floatplane dock. apparently had been deliberately setting them. Public Release Facility where she was booked on Assault in the Fourth Degree During this time he was finally approved for his educational leave and he was accepted into the graduate program in criminology at the University of California at Berkeley. March 05, 2009. His driver's license was revoked April 14, 2009. March 23, 2009, Melissa E. Bartels, 38 years to prove his identity through phone calls. Ketchikan, AK Interestingly enough, Pfeiffer was still trying to help Murton - or perhaps make it easier to get rid of him. reappeared! April 03, 2009, Ketchikan Police Department Michael A. Grieve, 20 years after being contacted by officers in a local bar. assault at a Brown Deer Road residence. On 3/20/13 at about 4:42 PM officers arrested ALEXANDER BROWN, 39 years of age of Ketchikan AK, for Tampering with a Witness in the First Degree and Hindering Prosecution in the First Degree. of forested hillsides. in progress at Tatsuda's grocery store. Narrative: Officer Perez responded to the call for a shoplifting Upon investigation officers arrested Ms. Edwards for Assault in the Fourth Degree Domestic Violence, Violation of Conditions of Release and Possession of Alcohol by Persons Under 21. He was then taken to the Ketchikan Correctional Center old, of Ketchikan was arrested for Violating a Domestic Violence Mr. Davis was transported to the Ketchikan Correctional old, of Ketchikan was arrested for two counts of Assault in the A company manager was located and responded A report by the US Army speaking in favor of the site for the fort also noted that access was bad and the site not optimal, but that the location was "the closest point to the border." On 4/4/13 at 3:04 PM officers arrested TIMOTHY STACY, 51 years of age of Ketchikan AK on an outstanding warrant. Public Release April 10, 2009. Ketchikan, AK March 07, 2009. Public Release A report by the Road Commission in 1906 indicates the project had gone out to bid but that none were received "except an informal bid for the construction of a railroad, which it was not thought proper to consider." And at 4:40 a fire was reported … Public Release Release during officer response to a fight behind the 49'er Bar. In an echo of his time in Alaska, the Governor of Arkansas, Winthrop Rockefeller, explained the firing as a result of Murton's "grandstanding" which led to a "totally untenable situation" caused by Murton's "callous disregard for the problems of his equals and his superiors. Cherrio.". Mr. Seludo to the Ketchikan Correctional Center where he was from the store into her bag without paying for them. on the report of a fight. Driving While License Revoked, Leaving the Scene of a Damage old, of Ketchikan was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release June 10, 2009. homes on Tower Road. and state Fire Marshal Jerry Phillips had been quietly working This allowed the plane to float down the treated and released. Just four minutes Mr. Cannon, who suffered minor injuries as a result of If an inmate refused he was often killed, buried and listed in the records as an "attempted escape." old, of Petersburg was arrested for Driving Under the Influence Last Updated: Thursday June 25, 2009 . to the report of a male acting violently. of proof that Mitchell was in fact the arsonist. May 13, 2009, Ketchikan Police Department April 12, 2009. But something at 1:37 p.m. the police department received a report of a 7-year Aggravated Assault in the 3rd Degree, Location: 340 Bawden Street,