Can you say that the concert was entertaining to Smita? b) Who has done things together? Answer: Don’t you know he needs to sleep and take rest? rather than to represent, as it were, a tableau vivant, music was also used as a symbol for harmony and as a salve for the soul. What request did Smita make to Pandit Ravi Shankar? She was spellbound listening to the unfolding ragas, the slow plaintive notes and the fast twinkling ones. Even they came to Bombay with great hopes. d, Question 10. Answer: a) Who made this statement? Can you guess what thought Smita had? But his large eyes were fixed on his sister. How exactly she planned to do it is not known to the readers at this point in time. The Concert Story Question 6. The Concert Notes 10th Class Question 2. “Take him home, give him what he likes, satisfy him, because his end is not so far”. Among the works was The Conert. He could not go anywhere with Smita. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and location, you should expect to … It was very exciting for Smita. PRS: Well Answer: You can pause, rewind, fast-forward and watch it again. b) Sadashiva They performed in front of Anant who was lying on the bed. At aunt Sushila’s apartment. KSEEB Class 10 English Solutions Question 8. Sentence: ‘Try it just once again he would say. wriggle, Question 11. Would you come with me to see him So please give your notes in the evening. c) Aunt Sushila The great and beautiful happiness as life went out of him gently, very gently. a Question 6. It’s often best to approach standards from two directions. His last desire was this. Finally we see the musicians doing so much for the little boy who is a total stranger to them without expecting anything in return. (P) whereas that on the wall is rugged, in the manner of Jacob van Ruisdael. Answer: Question 2. Now was the time, Smita went towards the stage. Question 7. Rearrange them as they occur in the story. What was the name of Anant’s sister? d. imaginative No b) Bombay miracle, Question 8. Don’t bother him with your silly talk. c) 18 4 is in paragraph 6 Anant was listening to music. Online Concert. Answer: “Try it jst Is again,’he wudsA. Sentence: Do the homework quickly and sleep well. In the course of the story, who do you consider to be more worried, Smita or Anant? She had been so excited at seeing the announcement that she had not remembered that her brother was very ill. She had seen how the doctors had shaken their heads gravely and spoken words that neither she nor even her parents could understand. Both the conception of the scene and the painting techniques of The Concert, however, place Vermeer, however, did not provide such clear meanings for his paintings. Answer: The Concert and The Music Lesson are two paintings that point out the difficulties of interpreting precisely the meanings of Vermeer's works. Anant was a brilliant boy. Answer: ovation, Question 10. And he was only fifteen, and the best table-tennis player in the school and the fastest runner. b) sing However, we cannot forget the fact that one part of her kept remembering the wish of her brother and the anxiety of not knowing whether the maestro would agree to come and play for the boy must have been agonising for Smita. So she cannot walk straight but she moved in a wriggled way. Question 10. pretend, Question 7. You may give as many other reasons as you like) The Concert By Shanta Rameshwar Rao Summary Question 4. Yet they were the very epitome of humility and humanity. 2 – e The three figures form a music ensemble; they play, keep time and sing in harmony. However, Smita, her parents, the musicians and all the dear ones of the boy would have moments of satisfaction of fulfilling what can be termed the last desire of the boy. The neighbours could not believe their eyes, because Pandit Ravi Shankar was very famous artist and very busy. Pandit Ravishankar was ______ But the boy was not sleeping, he was fond of music and wanted to learn sitar, both brother and sister joined the sitar class. How would you justify this statement? Really it was appreciable. b) Hotel There are 66 recordings of this tune. As a parent, they hide the truth. I like this story because ‘TheConcert’ was the lesson written by Question 1. This tune has been recorded together with The Longford Tinker (a few times), The Boys Of Ballisodare (a few times), The Cocktail (a few times), d) Shantha Pandit Answer: b) Anant and Smita. At the beginning of his music career, he was able to compose his own times. Whoever may be in that situation not only I, everyone should do the same. Mother cautioned the girl because her son was suffering from cancer. Diagram. Answer: Her heartbeat was loud and she felt her knees were weak. c) brother The word cancer had hung in the air. OR Answer: c) This story has a good feel. Yes, the response of the artists was unusual. With such an interpretation, we note also that the landscape on the clavecin is peaceful and Arcadian c) Aunt Sushila, Question 13. After a long time, it came (3). Answer: a) Smita bit her lip in self-reproach. We do not expect such distinguished artistes to give private performances. Question 6. Aunt Sushila was a generous lady. Two examples are given. She decided that there is no harm in trying it. Both Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha were renowned names in the field of music.