Soak for 5 minutes. Use this thickened water to dilute your bleach, substituting it for the Bleach Thickener above. Wash and rinse thoroughly as above. To do this, add only 25% by weight of the usual premordanting amounts. A natural dye that comes out bright yellow with an Alum mordant will look very different with copper. Working outdoors and carefully measuring with … This is very easy with our special pre-reduced indigo. The thiourea dioxide or sodium hydrosulfite used to create your indigo “mother” is often enough to reduce the vat with the addition of a little heat.-If the vat is still under-reduced (blue or dark green) after 20 minutes, then add a **small** amount of dissolved thiourea dioxide or sodium hydrosulfite and wait 15 more minutes. Took the dye great. DyeHouse Color Remover was actually invented to remove the … The fabric looked white in the water so I dumped out the whole mess. It is important to support the whole garment if you are going to lift it out of a dyebath when wet. Simmering works best. This chemical has a shelf life of around 1 year. (Occasionally, some blues seem to come out and then come back after you pull the out and expose them to air) Testing first is always recommended! As a previous reviewer reported with the turquoise pants I repeated the process twice. Protect the iron and ironing board with paper towels. (Procion Dyes - low dischargeable colors), Lemon Yellow #1 discharges to light yellow Golden Yellow #3 discharges to a lighter golden yellow Fuchsia #13 discharges to light magenta Turquoise #25 discharges to light turquoise Kelly Green#66 discharges to light aqua Burgundy #17 discharges to light burgundy Better Black #44 discharges to light burgundy Aquamarine #29 discharges to light aqua Avocado #33 discharges to bright yellow Lilac #19A discharges to gray Robins Egg Blue #80 discharges to light aqua, (Procion Dyes - high dischargeable colors), Rust Orange #8 discharges to light rust orange Bright Orange #6 discharges to off white Reds, #9,#10,#10A,#11A,#12 discharge to varying degrees of beige Deep Purple #18 discharges to beige Ultra Violet #18A discharges to gray Cobalt blue #22 discharges to gray Cerulean Blue #23 discharges to almost white Navy #24 discharges to gray Forest Green #31A discharges to gray Bronze #37 discharges to beige Maroon Brown #36 discharges to pinkish beige Hot Pink #14A discharges to off white Raspberry #65 discharges to beige Midnight Blue #27 discharges to gray Dark Green #31 discharges to light gold Chocolate Brown #35A discharges to off white Ecru #6A discharges to cream Peach #7A discharges to pinkish cream Bubble Gum #98 discharges to white Ice Blue#61 discharges to light blue, If you'd rather speak with a human, please call toll-free from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada M-F 8am to 5pm PST. offers - such as 15% off when you order 12 silk scarves - or visit Special Offers, Orders received before noon are normally delivered within 1 working day to UK addresses. Skim off any bloom that may appear on the surface. For a Screen or Block Printing Solution: 1TBS+ 2 tsp Bleach thickener (TEST! When in doubt, TEST! It is somewhat thick, so you can brush it on, screen it on, stencil it on, etc. Remove fibre from the dyebath, stir in the copper solution, re-enter the fibre and heat for another 15 minutes. Dyeing with Japanese indigo July 27, 2020 by 4 Comments With the sun shining last week I enjoyed a socially-distanced dye-day with friend and colleague, Jane Deane. Remove, rinse, and then wash your fabric in a good detergent like Synthrapol. It removes most Fiber Reactive (such as Dharma's Procion dye), Direct Dyes and Acid Dyes. Take a look... George Weil Gift Cards make great presents for creative people and can be redeemed against the value of any item found on this web site.. George Weil offers schools, colleges and professional craft tutors special discount terms when they buy art and craft supplies.